Unit 2 – Assignment 9

Assignment #9

In paragraph 6 of her essay “The Myth of the Latin Woman,” Judith Ortiz Cofer makes the following statement:

“Mixed cultural signals have perpetuated certain stereotypes — for example, that of the Hispanic woman as the ‘Hot Tamale’ or sexual firebrand. It is a one-dimensional view that the media have found easy to promote. In their special vocabulary, advertisers have designated ‘sizzling’ and ‘smoldering’ as the adjectives of choice for describing not only the foods but also the women of Latin America.”

Explain whether you agree or disagree with this assertion as it applies to the media today. You may work with Cofer’s example of Latin American women, or you may choose another group (e.g., African Americans, older people, persons from the Middle East) to consider in terms of stereotypes that the media promotes. Support your opinion with evidence from your experience, observation, or reading.

Due Date: Friday, Oct. 28. Minimum 1 page, typed in MLA Format.

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