Unit 4 – Essay 3

Essay #3

Students today live and learn in a world with vastly more complex technology than that of previous generations. Many people see this new technology as a way to expand and distribute knowledge. They call it the information age. Others lament the constant distractions that accompany this onslaught of information. But, of course, there is a long tradition of critics bemoaning the harmful effects of technological change on younger generations. In his best-selling book The Dumbest Generation, social critic and professor Mark Bauerlein says, “I’ve noticed in the last ten years that students are no less intelligent, no less ambitious, but there are two big differences: Reading habits have slipped, along with general knowledge. You can quote me on this: You guys don’t know anything.”

Carefully read the following eight sources, including the introductory information for each source. Then synthesize information from at least three of the sources, and incorporate into a coherent, well-developed essay that evaluates the claim that those under age thirty are “the dumbest generation.”

Make sure that your own argument is central; use the sources to illustrate and support your reasoning. Avoid merely summarizing the sources. Indicate clearly which sources you are drawing from, whether through direct quotation, paraphrase, or summary. You may cite the sources as Source 1, Source 2, and so on, or by putting the author’s name in parentheses.

Due Date: Thursday, December 15. 750-1000 words, typed in MLA Format.

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