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Unit 4 – Essay 3

Essay #3 Students today live and learn in a world with vastly more complex technology than that of previous generations. Many people see this new technology as a way to expand and distribute knowledge. They call it the information age….

Reading Assignment

To further develop your understanding of synthesis writing, read the following pages on identifying the issues, formulating your position, framing and integrating quotations, and citing sources:

Unit 3 – Assignment 5

Assignment #5 The political cartoon and article that follow make similar claims about the Nobel Peace Prize awarded to President Barack Obama in 2009, but in very different ways. The Tom Toles cartoon appeared in the Washington Post; the article…

Unit 3 – Assignment 4

Assignment #4 Write an essay in which you support, challenge, or qualify the state of affairs suggested by the final paragraph of Dave Barry’s “Turkeys in the Kitchen.” Use evidence from your observations and experiences to support your argument. Due…

Unit 3 – Essay 2

Essay #2 Today’s world is full of conflicts and controversies. Choose a global or local issue, and write an essay that considers multiple viewpoints and proposes a solution or compromise. (You can read a few articles here). Due Date: Friday,…